What Happens after Only One High Fat Meal?

Fried ChickenSo you've just finished a dinner that is high in fat, a hamburger, a cheese pizza, or fried chicken. You wouldn't think to eat like this all the time....but even so....what happens after just one high fat meal?


1) Your triglyceride levels (a measurement of fat in your bloodstream) are rising.

2) Your cholesterol levels are increasing, contributing to plaque formation.

3) clotting factors in your blood have been activated

Two hours later......

1) Your triglycerides have increased by 60%

2) Your blood flow has decreased by half.

Three hours later.....

1) The lining of your arteries has lost elasticity impeding blood flow

2) Blood vessel function has become abnormal.

Four hours later.......

1) Your blood has gotten thicker, flowing even slower then it was only two hours earlier...

Five hours later......

1) Your triglyceride levels have now increased by 150%.

So.....consumption of high-saturated fat foods and meals......over days, months, weeks, years.....will promote continuous buildup of plaque in your arteries reducing blood flow significantly. Reduced blood flow leads to decreased oxygen supply, which leads to heart attacks and strokes.

I think many times we (I) don't believe that high sugar and high fat meals affect me that much. I consider myself relatively healthy and I am only 33. But their is proof above of the immediate health affects that occur in our bodies after just one unhealthy meal. I believe food is meant to be enjoyed, but it is also a good idea to know what the consequences are of unhealthy choices and consider if the food you are putting in your mouth is what you really want to feed your body. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful weekend!

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