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Fen Phen

Fen-phen: The Birth and Death of a Dangerous Diet Fad

Before you dive into a weight loss program or purchase "miracle" diet pills online, read about the fen-phen diet pill scandal. Once touted by Time Magazine as the miracle diet pill, fen-phen ruined..Read More >>

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders: The Need for Emotional Nourishment

It is important to know how to diagnose and support someone with an eating disorder, as they can be damaging physically and emotionally. Major disorders include binge eating disorder, bulimia nervo..Read More >>

Healthy Food Trends

2014 Healthy Food Trends: Intermittent Fasting and Veganism

2014 has brought some new prominence to the dietary practices of intermittent fasting and vegan regimens.

..

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet: Good Sense or Marketing Ploy?

The paleo diet focuses on natural foods that our ancestors ate over 10,000 years ago. Or does it? Some see paleo as a great diet while others see it as a marketing gimmick.

..

Natural Hiccup Cure

Natural hiccup cures that actually work

Hiccups can be profoundly annoying, and modern Western medicine has let it fall to the bottom of the priority list. Holistic hiccup cures are safe, unusually effective and a great way to dip your t..Read More >>

Local Honey & Allergies

Is Local Honey A Cure For Allergies? The Real Results Can Be Suprising

Local honey is a storied solution for allergy sufferers, but just how true is this tried-and-true folk remedy? An often overlooked study casts doubt on the conventional wisdom about local honey and..Read More >>

Raw Diet

Raw Diet: The Feel-good Fad?

The raw diet might appeal to those who want to lose weight, eat more naturally and help the environment. But a raw food diet can be very difficult to sustain, so strong convictions and willpower ar..Read More >>

Caviar, Faux Caviar

Culinary Caviar: The real deal, the substitute, and the Faux fun stuff

Champagne taste on a beer budget; ready for a little culinary adventure; try making your own beer or Cointreau "caviar" or go with watermelon or mango puree. Using a molecular gastronomy technique ..Read More >>


Pregnancy Diet

A healthy diet is important at any time, but is especially crucial during pregnancy to ensure that you and your baby have all the right nutrients needed: it will help your baby develop and grow, an..Read More >>


What is Gout

Swelling, tenderness and inflammation in the joints are some of the tell-tale signs of gout. Most people with gout are affected first at the base of the big toe although other foot joints, knees, ..Read More >>