Introducing Nutritionist World's New Blog

Child was started by like-minded individuals with various skills in the nutrition and dietetic fields who all found it important to advance the study within this industry. As health conscious people, we find nutrition and dietetics to be among the very best ways to achieve answers to many of the problems facing not only North Americans but people worldwide. Problems including rising health care costs, increasing rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, strokes and hypertension, as well as many other ailments linked to poor nutrition including asthma, food allergies and intolerance and many types of cancers.

Because of the abundance of information available each new day on the study of human health and nutrition, we have begun a blog to keep ‘real time' information forthcoming for our growing number of visitors on a regular basis. Here we are able to relay the latest nutrition information and research as we learn it, and relay it to you, the reader, as it is most prevalent. Nutritionist-World is full of great articles and information regarding diets, nutrition and human health and the various professional fields of nutrition and dietetics. We will continue to provide this information. However, our blog will provide even more information on a daily basis, including the issues we are currently focusing on and the new articles we are in the process of writing.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions and submit your own information whenever possible. Our blog is a community project to provide the best information for people who are interested in nutrition and how nutrition can be used to solve many of our most pressing health care questions today. We hope you enjoy reading. Check back often to see what's new at!