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Nutrition In Mexico

Many people in the US believe we have the best health care in the world. This, however, is debatable. The health care industry is large and very complex, with a vast number of moving parts. To understand its complexity is a daunting task. However, there are ways that each of us can combat rising health care costs while improving the health of everyone in our communities. This is through better understanding of nutrition and its benefits on human health.

According to a recent study cited by CNN, the US ranks 37th in the world for heath care. Just behind Slovenia, this is hardly what we would expect from the world's richest country. But here in the US, our excesses have also been our biggest obstacles. Large food corporations, health care insurance companies and ever increasing health care technology ensure that prices continue to rise while Americans become fatter, sicker and unhealthier. Here at Nutritionist World, we really do believe that more nutritionists and dietitians will make a difference. As public knowledge of the benefits of better nutrition increases, more people will begin to eat healthier, exercise more and live better. They will, in turn, go to the doctor less. What better way to lower health care costs than this.

We believe that the more nutritionists we have throughout communities in North America, the more outreach and education we can bring to people of all areas, environments and communities. Hence the nutrition education site. But what is the rest of the world doing? Can we learn from them as well?

We will be bringing our visitors information from our traveling correspondents, from places such as Central America and South America, South East and East Asia, Europe, India and the Middle East. Check back soon as our first trip to Mexico is unveiled in the next week.

Our Latin American correspondent has just returned from a stay in Oaxaca, Mexico, studying the foods and health of the people there. In addition, we will be writing articles on the food and nutrition we find in Costa Rica and Nicaragua later this month. During the month of October, our European correspondent Jill will be reporting from London England, before in depth research in November in both Dubai, in the Middle East, and across the country of India.

We hope to be able to provide information on nutrition from around the world, increasing the knowledge we have here in North America, and allowing our visitors to gain the most information about their diets as possible. As always, please feel free to email us at with any questions, comments or suggestions.