Massage and Slimming

massage therapist, Kaua'iWhenever massage and slimming are mentioned together, a cynic is bound to say that massage is of no use, and that the only one to lose weight is the masseur. This is not true. Massage can help you to slim. While living on the Island of Kaua'i I have seen individuals transform from average health to optimal. One way they are able to do this is by enjoying massage therapy, Kauai. Although massage does not break down fat, and so that alone cannot help you to lose weight, massage gives you a positive image of your own body, which reminds you to hold yourself better, and stand up straighter. That alone will make you look better. Many people have a distorted view of their bodies, especially women. Did you know they conducted a study of both men and women analyzing theory? They asked a group of women to look in the mirror and draw their body shape, and did the same with a group of men. Not surprisingly many women and men drew themselves much heavier then what they actuality.....Massage can help to give you a more true indication of your true size. As the treatment helps you to feel better and take a pride in your body, it means you are more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan and take steps to care for your self overall. Feeling good about yourself and having the trust in your self to care for your body has proven to greatly enhance your chances of losing weight. The knowledge that the parson giving the massage is going to look critically at your body, and will notice whether you have lost a pound or two may also encourage you to keep a diet. Added to this are the other added benefits to your appearance that massage can encourage. By stimulating the circulation, massage tones the skin and smoothes the body. This improvement helps to build a positive self image, which produces energy, making exercise easer.