Testing Body Acidity

Screening TestOne of the best ways of determining the state of your health is by performing simple pH tests daily. Saliva and urine tests are two methods of testing you can very easily do at home. The results from these quick and easy tests can give you a broad idea of whether you are becoming too acidic or too alkaline. Both extremes in your pH may indicate potential health problems and should be looked into more carefully by a qualified health professional.

The acidity of the first morning urine and saliva should be tested periodically with pH or litmus paper. The normal pH of saliva is neutral or slightly alkaline and should fall in the range of 7.0 to 7.5. The normal pH of urine ranges from 7.0 to 4.5. Ideally a healthy urine pH is around 6.4. Keep in mind that saliva pH changes very slowly where as urine pH changes more rapidly.

There are different grades of litmus paper available. The regular blue or red litmus can give you a general idea of your acidity or alkalinity. Blue litmus will turn red if the urine or saliva is acidic and red litmus will turn blue if it is alkaline. You can find better quality litmus paper that is graded to give you a more accurate reading from your pharmacist or drug store.

If you find that your first morning tests are too alkaline, increasing your intake of vitamin C can help acidify you. Most likely your first morning test will be acidic. If this is the case, eating more vegetables and drinking vegetable juices and vegetable broths can be very beneficial.