What is a Dietician/Dietitian?

DieticianAn allied health field that is an important part of any clinic or hospital is the dietician. These specialists are there whenever a patient needs counseling about what foods they should eat to be healthy and they also help when there are special cases, such as when someone has a health issue to make sure that the food that they are eating is going to help their body and not aggravate their condition.
Some of the work duties of a person in this allied health field are:
Speak with workers in health care or the doctors about the patients to discover the dietary limits and nutritional needs of the patients.
Develop certain diets for the patients using the information about their health and nutritional information.
Educate the families and patients about food selection, diet, and nutrition.
Write up proposals for grants in order to ask for funding for both programs and research.
Plan and carry out different research projects in regards to nutrition and diet.
Analyze the findings and document the results.
Analyze food content for manufacturers and prepare information regarding food for general public.
Conduct evaluations about how different patients are responding to a diet and make sure that they are sticking to the diet when they go home.
Inspect the meals that are prepared in nursing homes, restaurants, or hospitals and make sure that the meals have the right nutrients, as well as checking the food's appearance and flavor.
Hire as well as provide training to new workers, then supervise those workers who are planning, preparing, and serving meals.
Prepare a budget and buy the food, supplies, and equipment required, as well as prepare reports and records.
Ensure that rules of cleanliness and safety are followed.
Conduct classes regarding nutrition, diet, and management of food service, as well as planning organizing, and preparing the materials for classes.
Although these duties that are listed above are very important, there are also other general activities that a person in this allied health field might perform. Those are the following:
Get any information that they need to perform the job
Do administrative activities
Solve problems and make decisions
Analyze information and data
Update on the job knowledge and use the new knowledge
Prioritize, organize, and plan
Judge the patients' health and the quality of food
Use standards to evaluate the information
Develop some strategies and objectives
Record, document, and then process information
Identify any events, like how a diet changed a patient.
Implement some programs, like the diets of patients
Talk with doctors, workers in health care field and patients
Establish and then maintain some interpersonal relationships
Interpret the information's meaning to the public and to patients
Educate the public and patients
Coordinate and schedule activities and work of other people
Care for and assist other people
Provide consultation and advice to other people
Some of the particular types of patients that dieticians might help are:

Obese patients
Expectant mothers
Diabetic patients
Patients with heart problems