Diet Foods Can Make You Fat

Canned FoodBelieve it or not but diet foods are not good for your diet. How can this be? Well, there is a big fat lie going around about low calorie, sugar-free foods. Many people believe foods made with popular artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Nutri-sweet, aspartame or saccharine keep the weight off by reducing caloric intake. This is not true. Low calorie, sugar-free foods trick your body into believing that it is receiving sugar. What it does not do is satisfy the body's need for sugar which eventually becomes overwhelming causing an increase in appetite.

You may believe that you are eating fewer calories by choosing a low sugar or sugar-free food but in actuality you are increasing your body's thirst for sugar and actually stealing sugar from your cells. Artificial sweeteners confuse the body and create an excess of insulin in your blood. Your body will crave more sweet food in order to balance the insulin. If you continue to consume artificial sweeteners instead of real sugars, your body's imbalance will become overwhelming and many health problems will result that are far worse than a few extra pounds of weight.

It is best to eat a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and meat sparingly. This is the best type of low calorie diet because these food are all naturally low in calories and provide nutrition and not toxins to the body. Processed foods, especially ones made with artificial sweeteners are not good for you at all but if you have to choose between a low fat and regular version, choose the regular version. It may not be healthy but it will be less damaging in the long run.

I would like to leave you with a thought. Consider the health of the children in this country. The increase in obesity is overwhelming. Diet drinks are especially harmful to children. So before you offer your child a diet drink, consider a healthier alternative like juice or water. Starting children on diets high in artificial sweeteners increases their risk for major health problems sooner than anyone would like.