EczemaWhen I was first married, I noticed what looked like little heat blisters on my fingers. They were very itchy. The blisters would flare up and go away. After a terribly irritating bout I went to see my physician. He told me I had eczema most likely caused by stress.

Eczema often causes red itchy, inflamed skin. The skin my have blisters, oozing or scaly patches. There are several factors that can cause eczema. Food allergies, stress, cosmetics, metals and diet are some of the most common factors. In this case, my eczema was caused from stress. Realistically, the first few month of marriage can be wonderfully stressful. In any case, the doctor prescribed a topical cream and sent me on my way to face my stress and my eczema myself.

After doing my own research on eczema I discovered that diet and the quality of my digestion can cause contribute to ourbreaks. Processed, refined and fast foods should be avoided. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains is very beneficial. A healthy diet provides vital nutrients and helps to prevent constipation. Constipation is often a result of inadequate water and fiber and may be one of the reasons eczema.

A beneficial herbal formula for eczema is chamomile and licorice lotion. Applying a chamomile and licorice lotion or cream to affected areas three or four times daily can provide relief.

Hydrochloric acid supplementation is also beneficial. Poor digestion is usually a major factor of eczema. An HCl supplement can help to ensure that adequate gastric strength for the breakdown of food and activation of important digestive enzymes.