Easy Foot Massage: No Experience Required

HawaiiMassage is as much (or more) about feeling as it is about doing. In fact, without really doing anything you can still give a good massage. Through simple touch alone, you can have a profound effect on somebody else. When I was in massage school, during the very first day of class, the instructor had us do a little experiment, which you can try for yourself:

Have a partner sit barefoot in front of you. Gently grasp one of her feet in your hands and don't do anythingÂ…..just feel. Feel her foot, the weight in your hands, the contours of it against your gingers and palm, and its warmth and the pulse of the blood. Resist any temptation to squeeze or press or knead. After five or ten minutes, slowly pull your hands away and ask your partner to note the feeling in both feet. Almost everyone notices a large difference; the touched foot feels as though it's been vigorously massaged. It's tingling and alive.

All you had to do to achieve that effect was to feel. No need to do anything at all. So, if you ever find yourself at a loss when giving a massage remember that you can get by (and make your partner perfectly happy) by simply concentrating on what you're feeling in your hands. It really works.

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