Back Rubs: In Honor of Valentines Day

Touch2 Today is Valentines day, so in honor of the day of love, I wanted to post a quick cheat sheet for back rubs. If you plan to give a back rub later, this is the perfect guide. If you plan on getting one...well print this out or forward it on to your partner for ultimate results! If you are interested in just getting a massage therapist to do the real deal, try a massage, Kauai, at Luana Aloha Massage...mention this blog and get a deal. So onward with the quick back rub guide right in time:

First of all the back is a great place to begin a massage because many people equate massage with a "back rub." Although it looks large and solid, the back is actually prone to lots of little aches and pains, and much of the tension and everyday complaints people have can be found there. The back, psychologically, is the least vulnerable area to touch someone, so people are more likely to relax and "let you in,"

Seven Steps:

1) Without moving your hands from the back simply begin by rocking you partner gently from side to side by using the tailbone as a kind of handle for the heel of the hand.

2) Try a little skin rolling and experiment. Some people like it or don't like it. Start by getting a grasp on the skin of the base of the neck between your thumb and your first two fingers. Walk this roll down the back keeping it between your fingers the whole time. This may take some practice, at first, to get the hang of it.

3) Use your fingertips to "hook" into the muscles alongside both sides of the spine near the tailbone; start vibrating your hand while dragging it back up towards your partner's head. Repeat this a couple of times.

4) Glide down with both hands on the muscles on either side of the spine with your fingers pointed in toward the middle; when you reach the base of the spine swivel your fingers toward the outside and glide back up. Repeat as needed.

5) Next apply circular rubbing all over the tail bone (above butt cheeks). You may notice that when your partner is lying down, this bone is tilted in such a way that it presents a relatively flat surface, so you can lean your weight forward from your partner's head and apply pressure to it.

6) Then start with your thumbs at the top of your partner's back and very slowly push your thumbs down along the ridge of the muscles one inch on either side of the spine with medium to firm pressure.

7) Finally with your Thumbs atop the shoulders and your fingers up on your partner's back, knead the tops of the shoulders, then move to the base of the spine and placing your thumbs in the little groove that's formed between the spine itself and the band of muscles that run up alongside the far side of the spine, pressing out toward the opposite side of the back moving your fingers from the tailbone up and over the neck muscles.