My New Vitamixer

VitaminxSo, for Valentines Day I got a Vitamixer which I have been coveting for two years now! I am so excited. You may think this is an advertisement for Vitamixer, but I am genuinely excited to welcome this new contraption into my kitchen. Since I have this new device, I am thinking about doing a cleanse/fast for a little while. The lady at the demonstration assured me that I can get all the nutrients (and more) from using a Vitamixer, that I can get from food, but in a form much easier to digest for my body. Since I have struggled with ulcerative colitis from age 18, I have incorporated juicing and fasting into my eating habits to aid with my digestion when needed. When I learned I had this digestive issue I also learned that it increased my chances of colon cancer. This made me very conscious of what I put into my body. So, for the next 45 days or so, I plan to do a cleanse and test out my Vitamix and see if I am feeling better and different. I want to see if there is a marked improvement in my health. I will keep you updated on my progress and also lead you through my struggles and realizations during this liquid fasting period. Today is my first day and I am starting my fast with three days of just water. Water fasting is not recommended for pro-longed periods, so if you don't have experience with fasting, please don't follow my lead. So, for the next three days, only water. I did an hour and a half of yoga this morning, and will run 6 miles + a swim in the ocean. I still have a full body of food from yesterday that should power me through the workout. Wish me luck and follow along if you choose. My 45 day fast starts now. First 3 days, water only.