Good Nutrition for a Long and Healthy Life

OlderWhile aging is an inevitable fact of life, how you age can be affected by several everyday things. If you want to get older and feel physically younger you need to help your body stay strong. The best way to do this is through diet and exercise. Research has shown that good nutrition can slow down or prevent debilitating conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease. Studies on nutrition and health have also found that one-third to one-half of the people over 65 have health problems associated with poor food choices.As you age, your body composition changes. Muscle mass decreases if it is not used. Fatty tissue deposits increase due to the lack of exercise and poor diet. Your body's metabolism will begin to slow down and cause you to need fewer calories. Because of the decline in activity, some research suggests that a person should consume 10 percent fewer calories for every decade after the age of 50. However, if you maintain an active lifestyle and continue to build or sustain your muscle mass, you are not likely to suffer from a decreased metabolism. Age has often been blamed for poor digestion. Although this is common with age it is usually the result of years of digestive problems and not the cause. If you consider that your car needs an oil change every three to six months to run optimally, it seems fair to assume that the human body requires similar cleansing. Years of consumption without proper elimination can make absorption of essential nutrients very difficult. Even the healthiest of diets are poorly absorbed if the environment is riddled with buildup. One of the best ways of helping your body to be able to properly absorb and digest the food you eat is to do an annual cleanse. There are several important organs that are part of the digestive process and which are commonly disregard. The intestines can easily become impacted with food and should be cleansed annually. There are many natural and safe methods that are effective for intestinal cleanses. The liver and gallbladder should also be cleansed to help clean out any build up that can eventually cause these organs to become sluggish. The cleaner the environment, the less likely that bacteria will be able to proliferate in the body and the more likely that nutrients will be absorbed and used to their best abilities. High fiber foods, fruits and vegetables are all excellent choices for helping the body to maintain its optimal health and to reduce unnecessary aging. When ever possible choose foods that can provide you with the most nutrition for your money. With food prices increasing, spend your hard earned money on the types of foods that can help to keep you healthy and strong. Although these types of foods are generally more expensive than cheaper processed food, their benefits will be appreicated in their long term rewards. You will find that choosing healthy food options today can help you to enjoy a more vibrant and active life for years to come.