MMR, Chicken Pox and Hib Vaccinations

VaccinationThere are several different vaccinations that your child will be offered at different ages. Deciding on whether or not you will vaccinate your child is not a decision you should make in the doctor's office. It is best to do some research first to understand what each vaccination entails. Here is some information about the MMR, chicken pox and Hib vaccinations.

The MMR vaccine is usually administered when your child is between twelve and fifteen months. This vaccine is given as a single injection designed to help the body fight against mumps, measles, and rubella. Measles and rubella usually cause rashes and mumps causes glandular swelling. More serious medical complications can arise from these diseases. Pancreatitis, meningitis, and deafness have been associated with mumps. Pneumonia, fever and encephalitis are serious complications associated with measles. Encephalitis and thrombocytopenia are complications associated with rubella.

The MMR immunization has been found effective at protecting against these diseases. Very rarely do any serious side effects result from the vaccine. However, the following reactions are possible from seven to ten days after the MMR imjection:

-A mild rash

-Slight swelling of the lymph nodes in the diaper area or neck

-Low-grade fever


Alert your pediatrician if you child is allergic to eggs. The MMR vaccine is made with eggs and could cause an allergic reaction. Your child should not be given MMR if she is taking any medication that interferes with the immune system. Generally, a second MMR vaccination is given prior to your child's twelfth birthday.

The chicken pox vaccine is recommended for children between twelve and eighteen months old, if they are healthy and have never had the disease before. Children who are under thirteen years, who have never had the vaccine or chicken pox should also receive a single dose of the vaccine.

Haemophilus influenzae Type B vaccine, otherwise known as Hib, is recommended for children from two months of age. This vaccine has helped to reduce diseases caused by this bacterium.