Easy Ways to Reduce Fat Intake

Fast FoodIf you eat like a majority of Americans than you are probably used to consuming a lot of high fat foods, like steak, pork, French fries, mashed potatoes made with cream and butter and fried foods. There are so many different types of high fat foods that it is difficult to list only a few and believe it or not but now all fats are the same.

There are several different types of fats. Natural fats can come from either animal or plant sources and are made up of three fatty acid molecules, called triglycerides, and one glycerol molecule that is a type of alcohol. There are about 25 different ways that fat molecules can be arranged. The variety of arrangement creates a variety of differences. The term lipids is used to describe a variety of fats like, oils, waxes, sterols, esters, and other similar substances. Lipids cannot be dissolved in water but can be dissolved in organic solvents. Fats are considered solid at room temperature. Oils are liquid at room temperature.

Before you start slashing all fat from your diet, you should know that fat is an important part of a balanced diet. Besides adding great flavor and a smooth texture to foods, fats help you to feel full and are necessary for triggering the hormone, cholecystokinin, that is responsible for suppressing you appetite. If you don't eat enough fat in your daily diet you are likely to eat more food than you normally would. Fats are also used in several important chemical processes in the body. Children specifically need fat for growth.

You can reduce the unnecessary fats in your diet by choosing leaner cuts of meat. Look for meat products that are no more than 9 percent fat. You could even trim any excess fat from your purchase. If you eat poultry, removing the skin from poultry can cut a lot of the fat from your diet. However, it has been determined that there are some important oils in poultry skin that is beneficial for health. When you cook your foods, you can eliminate a lot of unbeneficial fats by broiling, baking or roasting meats, instead of frying. After foods are cooked, it is always a good idea to skim off excess fat, when possible. This works well for soups. Salad dressings are often high in fat. A low fat dressing can be made by using lemon juice or vinegar, mustard, herbs and spices.