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MMR, Chicken Pox and Hib Vaccinations

There are several different vaccinations that your child will be offered at different ages. Deciding on whether or not you will vaccinate your child is not a decision you should make in the doctor..Read More >>


Polio Vaccinations

Polio is a viral disease that can damage the central nervous system causing paralysis. The severity of this disease can range from mild to serious, depending on the muscles that are affected. Pri..Read More >>


Vaccinations: DTap or DTP

Vaccinations have become controversial. For the next couple of blogs we will be learning a little more about different vaccinations because whether you are in favor of or against vaccinations, you..Read More >>


Helpful and Harmful Additives

Most things you buy from the supermarket, besides produce, has additives. An additive is a substance that does not occur naturally in a food. Most additives found in food today are used as preserva..Read More >>


Good Nutrition for a Long and Healthy Life

While aging is an inevitable fact of life, how you age can be affected by several everyday things. If you want to get older and feel physically younger you need to help your body stay strong. The b..Read More >>


Lactation Consultants and Nutrition

There are several protein and non-protein nitrogen compounds that are found in mature breast milk that provide a growing infant with many of the important building blocks of life and good health. ..Read More >>


Dark Leafy Green Vegetables

More than one thousand plants have leaves we can eat but how many do we actually eat? If we have just five servings a day, we cut our risk of developing diabetes by 20 percent. Several studies ha..Read More >>


Nutrition and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a common condition that is characterized by chronic pain and stiffness in various different muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This condition is also often associated with extreme fa..Read More >>


Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a gluten-sensitive digestive disorder that is caused by intolerance to the protein, gliadin, which is found in gluten- a component of wheat that gives flour its smooth, elastic fo..Read More >>


Nutritional Eating for Two

When I was pregnant a great excuse I would use for my indulgence in extra servings of food was that I was “eating for two.” There were times when my hunger was more than usual and the ..Read More >>