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Michigan Nutritionist Certification and License

*Do not assume that any schools and programs listed on this site are a path to obtaining the RD credential. For credential information on actual schools that offer programs to the RD credential, view the ADA's official website at www.eatright.org.

Michigan boasts some of the highest rates of overweight people and obesity in the Midwest. Many of these people, especially the youngest, are at the highest risk of developing treatable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. In order to reverse this trend, residents of Michigan must become more knowledgeable about nutrition, diet, exercise and healthy living. For this reason, the state’s nutritionists and dietitians, as well as public health and fitness professionals, must work together to alert the public about healthier ways of living and how to improve their lives, at the same lowering health care costs for all of Michigan’s residents.

The Michigan Dietetic Association requires that all dietitians (RD) and dietetic technicians (DTR) who wish to practice in Michigan complete an examination and education and registration guidelines, all administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR), the examining agency of the ADA. This ensures that the care they are giving to the state’s patients and clients is the best possible, as well as ensuring that the quality protects the health of those who are being cared for.

Michigan is one of 27 states that doesn’t require a state examination and registration in addition to the national certification process administered by the CDR. Certification to become a registered dietitian (RD) or dietetic technician, registered (DTR) by the CDR and the MDA are as follows:

  1. Earn a four-year bachelor’s degree or higher composed of courses approved by the ADA’s Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (CADE).
  2. Completion of a Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) accredited and supervised practice program or internship.
  3. Successfully pass the national exam administered by the CDR.
  4. Complete all continuing educational (CE) requirements to maintain certified status with the ADA and MDA.

ll information on certification can be found here on Nutritionist-World.com.

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