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Nutritional Counselors, most commonly Registered Dietitians, work with individual patients or groups to asses current diets, analyze the necessities of the patient and provide information, advice, nutritional information and support for changes needed. Counselors work in a variety of environments including outpatient clinics, community clinics, long and short-term care facilities, community support agencies, retail nutrition and wellness centers, private communities, educational institutions and hospitality locations including hotels and resorts.

What are the daily tasks for various Nutritional Counselors?

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A Nutritional Counselor’s primary duties are to assist patients with recommended and prescribed dietary adjustments and support these patients as they make these adjustments. Patients could be seeking treatment for a variety of ailments including mental disorders hindering proper eating and dietary habits, heart problems, diabetes, obesity, old age and many others.

Nutritional Counselors often work with patients with eating disorders or drug or alchohol dependencies, as well as those required to take certain drug prescriptions for ailements including depression or anxiety disorders, with often interfere with the body’s natural digestive system.

A Nutritional Counselor will often begin their interaction with a patient of client with an interview. A preliminary assessment of that person’s dietary habits is then analyzed, including normal food intake, as well as an accurate assessment of the types of eating habits of that person. A food frequency questionnaire is often used to provide the Counselor with a clear idea of the person’s normal eating patterns. This may regard eating habits over periods of time including days, weeks, months and even years. Daily food records, prescribed by a Counselor and kept by a patient of client, on a daily basis, are also used.

A physical assessment is also used to ascertain a person’s dietary needs. Body height and weight and a body mass index, or BMI, are often used as well. From these assessments, a Nutritional Counselor will use this information to prescribe a diet, proper eating behaviors, times, restrictions and any other information necessary for optimal physiology. They will also be able to advise what is to be avoided or not done. From this point, ongoing visits and consultations will provide support and monitoring of the patient or client, where the counselor can make adjustments if needed. This also includes setting goals for the clients or patients and helping them achieve those goals.

Nutritional Counselor Job Description

  • Evaluate nutritional needs for patient, food restrictions, and present day health situation to establish food habit and eating plans. Then issue patient with nutritional and food counseling.
  • Talk with nutritionists and doctors to decide the patients nutritional needs and food restrictions.
  • Advise clients and their families on nutritional concepts, eating plans and diet adjustments, shopping and cooking tips.
  • Give guidance to the patient or patients on the regulations of healthy nutrition, better their eating habits, and follow their nutrition levels to better their lives.

While the BLS does not have salary and employment information on nutrition counselors it does provide data on nutritionists and dietitians. Using that data may help you determine the potential salary and career growth for nutrition counselors. 

Nutritional Counselor Salaries for Nutritionist Graduates

CareerBottom 10% Annual WageAnnual Median WageTop 10% Annual Wage
Dietetic Technicians$19,410$27,140$46,100
Dietitians and Nutritionists$38,460$60,370$84,610
2018 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2016-26 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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