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The Kind Diet

"A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet"

By: Alicia Silverstone
Reviewed by: Jill Rey

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I have tried just about every diet at least once, and Alicia Silverstones new way called, "The Kind Diet," has been the one closest to my ideal. I try everyday to follow her superhero standard of a vegan/macrobiotic diet. I would encourage anyone that is further interested in pursuing the vegan way, to read her book.

In the book "The Kind Diet", Alicia Silverstone the actress known, (by me), for her very memorable Hollywood film, "Clueless", shows additional passions/interests to her dynamic character.

Mrs. Silverstone writes this book, "The Kind Life", in an attempt to express her views as an animal activist and a conservationist too.

"When was the last time doing something wonderful for yourself actually had a ripple affect and benefitted the people and the world around you?" Alicia asks this question first, then answers her own inquiry with an insistence that if we make the monumental life choice to forego all meat, dairy, and animal products it will be one of the best things we can do for our bodies and the environment. This diet will not leave you deprived however. Her theory is to replace carnivorous, animal flesh with plant-based foods; we will experience amazing results she ascertains.

One fun and sort of interesting approach Alicia takes is by presenting her ideas with three different levels of commitment; Flirt, vegan, and superhero. The "flirt" learns to reduce meat intake and begins sampling a few staple foods key to the vegan diet. The "vegan" level has chosen to forego all animal products entirely, while still enjoying many convenience foods and meat substitutes. The vegan level has wonderful grains, vegetables and fruits that form the foundation of their new lifestyle. Then there is the highest level of commitment referred to as the "superhero", which incorporates the principles of the macrobiotic diet.

Whichever level you choose you wont have to adopt a radical change immediately. In short, the three different levels allow readers to experiment with how they are feeling at their own pace.

By going vegan, we are taking concrete steps to reduce our "footprint" on the Planet and preserve precious resources. Going vegan blesses your body with lovely clean, pure, unprocessed foods that are living and provide boosted energy. Alicia insists these foods will also bring you prolonged health.

In her book, "The Kind Life", Alicia Silverstone shares what she has learned over her lifetime, and what has prompted her to stop eating meat and dairy forever. She continues by outlining why adopting a plant-based diet will bring the delightful benefits of effortless weight loss, increased energy, clearer skin, and more effective digestion with less strain on the body. She explains in great detail how fish, milk, cheese, and meat are sabotaging our health today, and she argues with researched statistics linking the escalating rates of disease, and the deterioration of our planet.

the kind diet

"The Kind Diet", shows us how going meat and dairy free doesnt mean you have to feel deprived or suffer. In her book, Alicia introduces a wide variety of alternate recipes that provide the nutritional value that many are concerned about missing out on a plant-based diet. Her recipes cover all the bases from protein and calcium to delightful desserts.

I have noticed a marked result in my energy level, my skin, and my digestion by adopting a vegan diet. I am not always perfect, and sometimes I still eat a little fish, or an egg, but I feel best when I keep my diet plant based, simple and organic. I am also reading a book right now about Hinduism and the "Yogi Foundations." This book states that, "being of moderate appetite, neither eating too much nor consuming meat, fish, shellfish, fowl or eggs is recommended. It encourages us to find enjoyment in fresh, wholesome, vegetarian foods that vitalize the body. Avoid junk food. Drink alcohol moderately. Eat at regular times, only when hungry, at a moderate pace, never between meals, in a disturbed atmosphere or when upset. Follow a simple diet avoiding rich or fancy fair." According to the ancient Eastern philosophy of Ayurveda, "not eating too much is the greatest thing you can do for your health if you want a long, balanced happy life."That is why for thousands of years yogis and gurus have eaten moderately. Many diets encourage this moderate behavior.

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